Sunday, August 3, 2008

Collect two of each kind of paint swatch at a hardware store. If they come in a brochure, then cut each color swatch out individually from two brochures. Another option besides paint swatches is to cut out two squares from many different colors of cardstock.

For beginning color learners: Lay the colors on the floor and help your child match up the corresponding colors. This activity increases with difficulty as you match different shades of the same color.
i Be sure to ask your child what colors she sees.

More advanced: Make a memory game from the color swatches. Lay two of each color face down on the floor. Take turns with your child as you turn two swatches over and try to find a match.

Talk about the difference between light colors and their dark counterparts. Ask your child to put all of the “light” colors and “dark” colors in separate groups.

Explain that to get a lighter color, you would add white. To achieve a darker color, you would add black. If you have tempura or finger paints, you can demonstrate creating light and dark hues of the same color. You could demonstrate with watercolors by adding water to create a lighter hue and black to create a darker hue. Encourage your child to watercolor a painting with dark and light colors.

i Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam, On Becoming Preschool Wise (South Carolina: Parent-Wise Solutions, Inc, 2004) 121-132.



The Roper's said...

I saw you on GTU and my friend told me she ran into Cindy and that you were going to be on GTU! I finally figured out why you looked so familiar! You are Cindy's Daughter-in-law! I worked with Cindy at Vista!

What fun this blog is with all your ideas! Loved the marshmallow monster idea! Your cute little girls are so lucky to have a mom like you!

Good luck on your book! Tell Cindy hi!
~Amy Roper

douglas said...

hey!! just checked out your amazing blog!! I am going to try all your great ideas!! Thanks again for the cheetoes you crazy girl!!!



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