Thursday, January 10, 2013


Okay, this physics activity is going to be super fun and expect to find Q tips all over your house. You need Q tips and a straw that doesn't have a bendy part... or just snip off the short part of the straw to remove the bendy accordian part.
Load a Qtip into the straw so the Q tip is completely in the straw and just the end is at the edge of the straw. Make sure it is at the far, opposite side of where you put the straw up to your mouth. Blow into the straw and launch that puppy across the room!

Now, load a Q tip into the straw and place your lips on the straw so the end of the Q tip is sitting next to your lips this time. Blow! Watch it sail!
Which way sent the Q tip flying farther? Why do you think it mattered what end the Q tip was on?
(more force propelling the Q tip when it is closer to your lips because the Q tip is pushed on by your breath longer.)

By the way, I am using this fun idea for my daughter's upcoming Valentines Party at school. We are going to attempt aiming and shooting Cupid's arrows into decorated Heart bowls for a relay game.

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